"When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system."
Kalpana Chawla



You know the sky is ever interesting to all of us. In all over India there are very few planetarium, so that maximum students Cannot access these, especially those who are living out of the metro cities. We are there in this gap. We are going to school compound with our interesting video clippings of solar system, Nebulas, Comets, Asteroids, Black holes and Hyperspace. We have a powerful Telescope. Through this telescope you can observe the craters of Moon, the belts of Saturn, or the beautiful Constellations. It is the most attractive teaching technique for your students where they can learn through audio video method which is unforgettable. This is alternative education technique for your students. Through our workshop your students get good result in their studies. May be in future some students will be Space Scientist, Astronomer or Space Researcher.


Join our workshop - which we call CLASSROOM WORKSHOP

If they have more interest - let's join in TELESCOPIC FIELD WORKSHOP.

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The Sky Ride presents Classroom Workshop which is variety of workshops for school groups, clubs, and special interest groups in astronomy and space science. Each workshop is taught in a classroom style . The workshops have been divided into recommended grade levels so that the workshop content will be age-appropriate. The workshop is minimum an hour in length. Reservations for Classroom Workshop will be accepted for a minimum groups of 80 students / people.


Telescopic Field Workshop find out what objects are currently in the night sky and where to find them. Learn what constellations are visible in the night sky and how to find them. Students will have the opportunity to hear the of the constellations. We do not have a planetarium but use a software program to simulate the current sky.

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