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Introducing Online Astronomy club by SKYWATCHING WORKSHOP powered by SLOOH. We will provide real time viewing and control of Robotic Telescopes including 7 Telescopes situated at its flagship observatory at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Island, one of the world’s top observatory sites, three telescopes based in Santiago, Chile, offering complementary views of the southern skies, and five new telescopes coming online in 2020 in the UAE. Members of the club can operate these telescopes from their home by their computer, they can take images, attend live casts and shows, get guidance from the educators, can attend Quests, and also can communicate with Astronomers whole the Year.

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About Us

Skywatching Workshop believe in working in the larger interest of the society to contribute on development of human mind. Our mission is to provide information and services in Astronomy and space sciences to the interested people. We also wish to strive forward to find new ways of learning with experiments and building Astronomy related models and tools. Astro-tourism will also be a part of the program that will stretch beyond the boundaries of cities and countries. From the prestigious space technologies of ISRO Space Museum, NASA and AMNH (American Museum of National History) to hands-on-workshops at the Kennedy Space centre, Houston Space Centre, Huntsville Space Camp, we intend to make text books come alive.

Astronomy Education

Astronomy Education programs are to develop curiosity, competency, and knowledge base in the interested people. It will actively support creativity and innovative ideas among them. It also aims to generate programs like Space Astronomy club for schools and interested students. This will include teacher’s training programs,space science workshops and astrophotography sessions for all age groups. Publication on astronomy in Bengali and other languages and a half yearly magazine are also planned.

Astronomical Tools , Gadgets & Related Materials

Activities will involve developmentand supply of Astronomy and space theme based products commercially.

Astro Tourism & Sky Observations

Astro tourism combines learning, adventure and fun. Here we intend to build cultural competency, leadership, self team care and group efficiency among students. It is our endeavor to enable students to think globally and be open to change, to be curious, to make the world and the Universe their classroom and never stop learning.

Our Valuable Team Members


Founder & CEO

An Entrepreneur, who is leading Skywatching Workshop towards development and growth with passion and commitments. Having more than 8 Years of experience on Astronomy education and tourism. His passion and vision is to spread scientific frame of mind among the young generations.

Divya Krishnamoorthy

Director Education

Director of Space Ambassador Program, Slooh || Space Exploration Influencer || Bringing Space to Everyone || Past Experience: ARTES Program Researcher at European Space Agency NASA




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